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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Where most interesting things happen

Where most interesting things happen. Where it is okay to spice up, where it is okay to shut up, where it is okay to slurp, where it is okay to lick, dunk and use the knife. Where it is okay to listen to the same story again, where it is okay to munch, to skip answering a question. Where it is okay to show your report card when mom serves dad's favorite dish. Where it is okay to ask for more and be served. Where it is okay to look forward to another round just after you are done. 

Where a family shares food, love, pleasure, memories, recipes, cuisines, things beyond human expression. Where care is shown through the smiles and extra dollops of ghee on your dal roti, where appreciation is a clean plate asking for more, where satisfaction is a loud burp and an 'excuse me' among giggles. Where manners are taught, values are learnt, caring and sharing is a way of life. Where you learn to love, live, learn, unlearn, decisions are taken, discussions are heard, where coffee and tea are things that keep you awake till the ones you care for share their thoughts. 

Where cleaning the last session is the beginning of a new meal, a new adventure, a new conversation and a fresh recipe for a family to bond. That is the most common discussion table, conference table, sports arena, laboratory of your mom's and brother's culinary adventures. That is your dining room. 

Every dining room has a story. A story that is unique, real, lively, scary, welcoming and warm. Just because we don't get angry over food and talk a lot, we can disclose most annoying things and get away. Like a progress card, like an affair, a break up, a transfer, a confession, a fight and many more. We all have been there and yet not been there recently. When was the last time you did something outstanding at your dining table? What is your dining room story? 

When you build your home, make your dining a pleasant experience, without the boring TV with a lot of light, air, ventilation and space for your loved ones. For food is an amazing bond between families and you will never forget your home food and your place at dining table where the seat still exists, for you, waiting....

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