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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Blues: Lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio & Oscar

He charmed us with his cute chocolate boy looks and stole the sweetheart from the rich abusive bad guy and iconized the kiss on the deck of Titanic and from then on kept on giving us performances that just stood shy of the Oscar but we fans gave it to him anyways. Here today, finally is his moment and this is awesomest time to be in when Leo won the oscar and I watched it live!

Celebrating the Oscar night where finally Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Oscar for best actor in The Revenant. Here is a quick takeaway from Leo and his work.

No matter if accolades come your way or not, keep doing what you love and success is just round the corner. When faced with rejection or failure, move on and put more effort and work harder, smarter and make your way to the top. For as long as you are not on the top, you can keep pushing.

Do just continue to the top but try and be better every single day for it is a new day and come back with more passion, more character, put in more hours, more practice and soon enough you will see the light coming your way. Celebrate hard work and struggle so your success doesn't matter. 

Want to see a real party?

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