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Friday, February 19, 2016

Everyday is a Sunday!

I am very practical about reviews. I need time to actually check the product, use it and feel good about it to write one. This is one product that I have used for almost a month before I put my pen to paper and here is the review of my pillow!

I found these amazing ads about the Sunday pillows and mattresses and wanted to check out their pillows. We are a family that loves pillows and there are hordes of them at home. When I say hordes, I mean pillows. Even after spending a decent amount on each pillow, I see that the fluffiness comes down within a couple of weeks and then there is nothing left but a small clumpy sheet that was the remnant of the pillow, like a zombie version. Not with Sunday. I am happy till date with the comfort it is offering me and it is a special favorite with the kids too. 

The USP of the Sunday pillow is that it consists of 0.7 Denier microfiber,which is the finest fiber available with 50% more filling than of a standard pillow. This ensures that the pillow is soft (because of usage of finest microfiber) but at the same time prevents the pillow from flattening out. Sunday Delight Pillow (Costing around Rs 2000) is labelled as Outrageously comfy pillows designed with Super micro fiber filling, and has 50% more filling. It has hypo allergenic 220 GSM microfiber fabric Super soft filling for extra comfort.  The royal blue piping makes it look classy. The packaging is good too. It comes in a sling bag that is reusable and has neat branding and a story built around it. 

In the words of founder Alphonse Reddy, says,"Ideally, a mattress has to be paired with the right pillow. However, pillows are sold as an afterthought and in most cases or cheaper pillows are given as freebies in the market. There was a gap here that we have tried to bridge.” 

Is the price tag of 2000 Rs expensive? I don't think so. You spend thousands of rupees on coffee, diesel for your car or other things that get over in a couple of days and are thinking about getting a good pillow? Well, rethink. We all need good sleep and good rest. When your body rests properly and you get to sleep well and wake up refreshed, every day is a Sunday.

Check out their website: and next time you are searching for a gifting option, gift a Sunday to them!

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