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Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Blues: Skip bath today

Let us be messy. Yes you heard me right. Let us be messy today. Skip bath (not literally). I know you have done it. I have done it too. Once in a while relax. Don't be a perfectionist. Don't want you to be that ruly, strict, uncompromising, cleanliness freak that you are and relax. 

Not everyone carries your energy levels and cannot compete being at your level all the time. It is essential for you to understand that you carry a higher level of energy and are okay with it but when you have a team, family, colleagues, support staff who don't always be on that level. So it is good for you to calm down a bit today. Give some leeway. Just for today. It is okay. Say it loud. Yes, you say it loud. It is okay. Thank you.

So skip being an autocratic person and be a normal one today. It is okay. Have a great Monday.

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