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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pick #Airtel4G, the fastest network yet!

One of the reasons I love staying abroad albeit for a short time is when I enjoy seamless Internet. Trust me when I say this but it is a pain to wait for the mail to download, video to buffer, google maps to load when you are in a rush. Half the time it takes all the patience in the world to wait while your query is being loaded on the screen before you. The dull moments you waste when you are waiting are irreplaceable and are sheer waste of time and energy. But unfortunately we don’t have the speed we need here yet and all the service providers I know claim 3G but provide horrible service and poor connectivity.  Everyone claims that their network is better and ask us to pay hefty sums for the 3G connection and don’t deliver. In such times, I use my dongle with the 4G Airtel  loaded on it and it is quite fast.

Bengaluru is one of the fastest growing IT hubs and is also one of the highest in terms of Internet users and connectivity shouldn’t be a problem. But the reality is not so. How much I would love to have a faster connection and use all that I want seamlessly and not worry about connectivity and lesser bill. Don’t we deserve a better connection, faster speed, better network and lesser bill? Hell yeah, we do! So what is the solution!

4G is the solution, at least in the current setting when we are dependent on 2G connections. I would love to have 4G in my phone just like I have the 4G connection from Airtel in my USB dongle. In fact today Airtel launched 4G nationally! Having #Airtel4G on your phone and laptop would help you stay connected even on the move to the fastest* connection around. 

Claiming to be the fastest Internet connection all around, they are ready to accept a challenge and accept to pay all your phone bills for the rest of your life in case they fail to prove their better speed. Their new website: takes you through all the offerings of the product. They even  have a special pricing on offer where they are sending you a 4G enabled sim card free of cost, that too home delivered and the bill would be the same as 3G! Isn’t that a great deal. 

So say good bye to your slow dull boring net connection and switch on to the fastest connection around. Welcome to the India of tomorrow!

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