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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Review: The Nidhi Kapoor Story

I love mysteries. Especially the ones involving a crime or murder. Won't we all? In this context if you have a special liking to a thriller of a story, The Nidhi Kapoor Story gives you just the one to match your intellect. It is intense, sensual, super fast and yep, get that coffee. Nidhi Kapoor is a famous, fictional, Bollywood actress. One day, she comes home to find her beloved pets dead in her study. Along with the mangled dead bodies of the pets, is a letter threatening Nidhi and her family. 

Scared for her life, she calls up the police for help. The case lands on the desk of ACP Prakash Mohile who is the most decorated policeman in Mumbai. A photo-journalist, Rujuta Singh is tailing Prakash for a story and inadvertently gets embroiled in the chase.

Unwarranted incidents start happening around Nidhi and with each incident, the attacks get more vicious and dangerous. While investigating, Prakash and Rujuta also discover a long tale of lies, deceit and murder in the past of the Kapoors - a tale that Kapoors want to keep hidden! However the investigating duo is convinced that the answers to the Nidhi Kapoor mystery are hidden somewhere in the past. 

The question thus is, can Prakash and Rujuta unearth the horror buried in the Kapoor household? Can they save Nidhi? 

Saurabh Garg weaves a tale of death, revenge, bollywood, beautiful women, alchohol, Mumbai rains, drives to the most scenic parts of Mumbai ourskirts, love, affection, trust, thrills, violence and good food. He lets you in to his web slowly and then holds you and your insecurities barely in the night warm humid breeze of the sea while you sweat but still stay on waiting for the end.

TNKS as it will be known can be your Ram Gopal Verma thriller with some class thrown in. Very few could guess the story in advance and it will be etched in your memory for its characters and the love of the narration. I would also recommend for the style of writing which is simple, direct and can make you feel you could have easily written it but the depth is amazing too. 

Racing against time and with a mission to save Nidhi, you wouldn't notice reading the 316 pages. You wouldn't regret picking it up too.

Rating: 3/5
Verdict: Pick up

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