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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book Review: In Pursuit of a Lesser Offence

Someone said you should not judge a book on its cover or title or the review or the first page or the last page for that matter. I am not saying you should not. I do. Sometimes. But once in a while you are right. The book cover shows a thrown high heeled sandal, red in color, on a carpet. The book comes recommended by! Sujata Parashar whips up one more tale in her series about relationships, marriage, love and how things work. Let me tell you she is an expert in it.

The plot runs around Avinash Vyas and Sangeet Mishra who are just the opposite of each other in a serendipitous meet have their lives entwined as the whole world of their love and families crumble around them. They grow closer as things around take tumbles and this might seem to be yet another love story where the two prime characters in the story end up together. While this is partly true the narration keeps you engaged and glued to the story line with an unflinching interest.

The characters are woven well into the story with the ease of making a coffee. Yes, get a cup of coffee and get comfy on your sofa on an afternoon and immerse in to this lovable story and you will love that you did that. You would find Sangeet definitely among one of your friends and Avi could just be there too. With the growing rate of divorce among young men and woman, the story of Sangeet shows that divorce can be painful but you can grow out of it and love your life to the fullest when you are strong.

While looking at the modern rendition of a lovabale marriage and man-woman friendships, Sujata manages to show a warmth, calmness in introducing a different lens to look at the same feelings. This is a different kind of a story and I was amused at the way it kept me engaged. A modern story reflecting the changing sentiments and a refreshing one at that. In Pursuit of a Lesser Offence is a story of second chances and what is life without second chances.

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Rating: 2.5/5
Verdict: Pick up if you love a pleasant read.

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