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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why the all New Jazz from Honda is turning heads!

The story of my search for a true premium hatchback started much before the recent launch but quite some time back in 2009. Back then the Jazz offered enough space and comfort that we wanted but was a huge tick off on the cost part when compared to the pricing and hence was off our list. I still remember its look when it zoomed on the road. My understanding was that the market wasn’t ready to spend a lot on the car though the brand, design and the power packed performance was commendable. 

Now the 2015 New Honda Jazz has all the goodness of the old Jazz and more and that too in an affordable pricing starting a little over 5.3 lakhs. With the new design that commands a second look and available in many color options like Carnelian Red Pearl, Sunset Orange, Urban Titanium Metallic, Albaster Silver Metallic, Taffeta White, Golden Brown Metallic, White Orchid Pearl you have an excellent choice for selection. 

Under the hood: The 1.5L i-DTec engine gives you a 27+ kms mileage which is decent. On road it seems to give around 20-22 kms and I think it is pretty decent when compared to the speed it can generate from its powerful engine(100 ps max) with the new 6 speed MT. The all-aluminium construction helps it to be low on friction and increases efficiency. The 1.2 L i-VTEC petrol engine with its 18.7 kmpl mileage is a tough competition too. 

 Here are some of the features that makes it worth your money. 

  1. Tilt steering. Helps you adjust to your height and comfort. Works expecially well with extremely tall people or women who love driving without heels. Gives you an extra comfort to stop straining your back.
  2. Several USB ports and coffee cup holders are very useful for working on the field people like me. I need to charge on the go. The all new Honda Jazz helps recharge my phone and holds my coffee too while I am driving. There are 9 cup holders in all!
  3. The driver seat adjuster added with the tilt steering is a superb solution to drive comfortably.
  4. Ample boot space with 345 litres allows you to pack off many things and head out with your family. This is very useful when you are planning a road trip with your family. With the magic seats tucked away you get about 880 litres of space. That is HUGE!
  5. The handling of the machine is very smooth and is very good in turns and twisty roads. It comes in handy even when your second-choice driver is at the wheel.
  6. The best feature I am really impressed about is the reclining back seat! Let me explain this enough. They aren't called Magic seats for nothing. If you plan properly the back seats recline comfortably and help in resting. I have always wanted this when driving with a a driver in my car. Except in my Mobilio, I can’t rest well when I am in the back seat and my driver is driving the car. This special feature would be of great help when I have a long day and feel the need to be driven. Thank you Honda for thinking about my back :)
  7. Ample leg room in both front and back seats helps you relax your feet, especially in long distance drives. This is very thoughtful as you end up sitting in the same posture when you are cramped up for space.
  8. I liked the angular lights that disappear in the hood design blending with the minimal chrome design and the dull finished grill. The unique wheel design is eye catchy.
  9. I loved the interiors with dull black up market feeling and light colored touches add to the killer looks.
  10. The silence… in the car when you are driving it and the insulation was too good. The ac was powerful too with its calm demeanor and we were comfortable when driving it for about 30 mins. You could really enjoy the music on your pen drive.
  11. Safety first: Impact mitigating head rests are new. ABS with EBD, dual SRS airbags, ACE body structure, seat belt pretensioner with load limiter, armrest console and the step illumination, what else can you ask for?
The all new Honda Jazz has all the check boxes ticked right this time with the localization in pricing, design, looks and matches the name and hype. You can call it the new super star on the block. If you are a Honda fan with long time wish to get a Honda City or even the old Jazz, you should look at this for sure. I would also recommend the Petro automatic version, which would be very comfortable when driving in the city traffic while zipping to office or dropping off kids at school. I liked the fact that the transition from one gear to another was really smooth and it picks up speed well and behaves well on the road. 

Considering the leg room, head room, the well thought off magic seats, lots of small storage spaces, composed behavior at high speeds and the stand out design and looks, Honda comes out a winner in this test. I am all excited to see how it performs in the Indian market. Like I mention always, the brand that does the thinking like the local consumer and actually listen and works on their product offering always is welcomed. The all new Honda Jazz does it this time and does it right true to their theme, Honda calls it man maximum, machine minimum. 

I would have loved to see some more comfort in the back seat, especially for thigh support and you might find constantly cleaning the colored touch screen for finger prints, the Jazz has almost everything going for it. 

Rating: 4/5 

Verdict: Buy

Pics are by Giri and here.

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