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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dabur Baby Massage Oil review

I was sheepishly hesitant when I saw her for the first time as she was wrapped in green cotton sheet and was handed over to me. I was holding her like I was holding a hot glass bowl or the egg of a precious bird. She was my little angel and I was seeing her for the first time. I cannot tell you how it feels to fall in love instantly and for the second time. This was a beautiful experience for me and I wanted to preserve that memory forever. This was to a point that I was always at her side, at her beck and call, even at the slightest call, muzzle or mumble. And I do it even today. I always wanted to give her the best of the best things available and in that process have not compromised on anything. Touch wood. May my #FirstLove stay the same - in the pink of health.

When it came to give her a bath, all the tub, wrapping towels, soap, soap case and everything else was the best of the best available in India and abroad. When it came to oil, we opted for a trusted brand and it shocked us when her tender skin developed rashes and upon a little googling and research, I found that the ingredients are not always natural and in this case, they were clearly mentioning that some mild chemicals were used. The product went straight to dustbin. Never to return to our shopping carts again.

Thus started the hunt for the best oil to massage my little one, not just to prepare her for bath and help her skin stay lush but also to help in the formation of strong bone, growth of muscle and tone of the skin. Was there a solution that provided all these and yet be natural and mild enough so her skin will not erupt with rashes and reddiness? Apparently there was and it was from our own tested and trusted brand - Dabur. The baby oil and Lal Tail are regular items on our shopping list. To take it one step forward, wify has started to use them too for herself to help in the tissue softening and it has done wonders.

The new baby massage oil comes in a cute little bottle of 100 ml and is priced reasonably at Rs. 110/- for the small bottle. The packing is good and the curve on the bottle doesn’t let it slip even with a slightest pressure on it. This comes in very handy when you are managing a baby in one hand, towels, wipes and the oil bottle in another. The cute little elephant makes it cuter. 

Dabur Baby does not encourage the use of any form of artificial colours, paraffins, and parabens. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is a unique blend of premium natural oils like - Olive & Almond which provide the baby the required nourishment. Olive is known to help provide nourishment to the baby’s skin, while Almond is known to gently moisturize your baby’s delicate skin making it soft and supple. The Olive oil provides the nourishment needed to reduce the pressures and pains (body aches) in the little one and helps her relax and sleep. 

Check the product out and I would suggest you check any product from Dabur first before opting for anything else when it comes to kids. I also would suggest that you try out a small quantity on your little one to check if she is reacting in any way and then use any product.

Check out more about the goodness of Dabur and the Baby oil here.

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