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Monday, June 15, 2015

Why you should give away some stuff!

I am bad at cleaning. So I am extra careful when it comes to keeping things in a certain way. You may say I have slightly over reactive in terms of having things done my way. But that changed when I moved to a sharing accommodation when I went to college. I have shared my room with several students of different cultures and have had to adjust in a small almirah or cupboard provided by the hostel authorities. Thought this was only for a short time before I moved on to a personal space, this was a challenge and I had to make adjustments when I moved in. I found the solution to this problem and found a good one at that. Give away some stuff. Give to the needy, to an orphanage or to anyone you think it might help out. Check out on facebook or twitter and see if you can find someone collecting for a cause and give it out. 

What can you do when you have a lot of clothes and very little to wear? What can you do when you cannot throw anything out and think you may use them later? What would you do if you had to clean up stuff in your cupboard? What if there is a solution! Well there is! I found this in an article at The post gives you six simple ways to sort out the mess in your wardrobe and yet be ready for turning out well groomed. Here are the six laws to determine how you Liana's laws of dressing would help you make the tough decision of throwing away stuff. 

Liana’s Laws of Dressing
  1. If the outfit shows up before you do, put it back. Let others see you — not your great red suit.
  2. Let go of items that are stained, soiled or worn out. Look your best no matter what. People around us notice far more than we think.
  3. Take a hard look at what’s not been worn for a year. Can it be revived? Will it ever fit again? Was it a purchasing mistake?
  4. Dispense with what's unworn and outdated. Have you worn it recently? Remember: It’s a closet, not a museum!
  5. No reason to wear black. Black is the absence of color. What’s your own personal black? Burgundy, navy, plum or teal?
  6. Buy staples that are classic and high quality. Update your wardrobe staples with new accessories.
Let me tell you the advantages in giving away some stuff. You get a lot of space! It helps to have some extra space in your cupboard. You can buy more stuff. Get updated and upgraded. Help someone out and rock doing that.  Go on open your cupboard. Time to reward others and reward yourself too.

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