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Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Blues: Dare to dream

Let it be very simple. Let it be big. Let is be difficult. Let it be anything you think you want to do. May be it is too tough to do or too difficult to achieve but if you have it in you and pursue it, make it your dream. A dream worth living for. A dream to achieve and you will find ways to do it. But the first step is the toughest to take. It is a big leap. Dare to dream and you have already started off on that journey.

I have a secret to tell you and I am sure it will help you to dream and achieve it too. Have a specific dream. Specific to the color, size, brand, look and feel. It will help you make your dream better and live to see it turn to reality.

Let me give you a personal example. Years ago I had this dream of winning twin awards. Not one but two. Every time I thought of it I always had some notion that I wanted two. I always imagined I would be holding them and also remember the smile. Now I forgot the dream for sometime till I won the awards and was on stage to receive them and here is the picture. Dreams come to reality when you build foundations under them with hard work and determination. Dare to dream. Care to achieve. Want to read some success stories? Check out Talk To Tiger.

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