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Thursday, June 18, 2015

13 Things to do when stuck in traffic in Bengaluru

I love Bengaluru. People, culture, food, climate and the opportunities. I also like the traffic. What do you do when you are stuck in traffic? I meant #BengaluruTraffic but I guess you can do the same anywhere. Here are some interesting ways to pass your time and don't feel the pinch of waiting in line. Where do you get stuck everyday? Silk board? Marathalli? Bellandur? Malleswaram? Jayanagar? Wherever, hope these would help you. Just kidding ;P

Do share and pass on if you like them. 

1. Grow a beard. Before you reach your destination given this mayhem of traffic, I bet you will have one to sport soon.

2. Talk to someone in your next vehicle and woo them. May be you should fall in love! Same place tomorrow?

3. How often have you contemplated on changing your hair color? Streaks may be? You have enough time to color, let it dry and wash off. May be someone would come up with this idea soon.

4. Your vehicle has been crying out for help and its true color is hidden under the dirt. How about giving it a quick bath right now? BTW, did you need one too?

5. When was the last time you wrote a letter, a love letter to your special someone? Why not write one down? No, not an email form, the good old snail mail with your hand on paper.  

6. Well, I got to confess, it doesn't hurt to shed a few pounds. Get up and flex your muscles. May be if you do that every time you get stuck in traffic, you might actually lose some weight. 

7. For the chefs among you, why not carry some fresh veggies and prep for dinner? Slice, dice and mince and you are ready to whip out a mean dish by the time you reach home.

8. Anyways you end up screaming and murmuring somethings good and bad to your neighboring vehicles. How about chucking out the bad words and learning sign language? You would be a better communicator you see!

9. Put your knitting skills to test. Knit knit and knit and you might as well have a sweater ready by the time you get home.

10. You needed it. You deserved it. Take that nap. Right now. Go on, crank up the air conditioning and close your eyes.

11. What was that move you learnt earlier today in the yoga class? Try it out. Step out and try if you need more space.

12. Carry old soiled dresses in a bucket in your car. Soak them on the way to work and wash them on the way back. Viola!

13. Since when is that idea pending in your brain? Why not put it to paper and bring out that next best seller I want to read? Start with a doodle.

Here is one bonus one for you.

14. Relax. Too much work is hurting you. Here is some popcorn, watch that movie. 

And the last one will blow your mind!

15. Call home and settle that fight. Well let's hope you win. All the best. I am dropping off here.

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