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Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Blues: Awesome Monday

Work work and work. But work in a systematic way. Work like the drum beats in a song. Work like art. Work like music :)

Today this is my mantra. I did the home chores, spent time with my beautiful kid and wife, took out the trash ( I was made to! ) and reached work on time and gunning down the tasks here too. Having a great day start with starting it as one. Today plan and run up all the tasks you have on hand. Many times we start off on a low key and they leads to being low all through the day. You would be low on replying, low on thinking responses, low on setting up goals and finishing tasks. 

A good day can be a great day with a little bit of priority checking. Check what is required to be done, what needs to be done and what must be done. Set out the priority as a list. Write them down and then assign time for each one of them and finish them on time. Reward yourself once you reach the goal.

Setting up mini-goals all through the day would be a great way to finish your tasks than setting up on big goal for the entire day. Break it down, kill each one individually. This should fire you up and keep you going all through the day. Have an awesome Monday today!

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