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Monday, April 6, 2015

Book Review: Pirates of Bollywood

There were very few legal thrillers in India. Growing up with John Grisham's literature and being really impressed with the strength  the legal system holds and is incomparable to what a normal job would give you. The books usually do not celebrate the deliverer of the law or the defender of the weak but are usually elaborate in the plot and curt in the avenging. In India, the genre is just warming up and leading space is Kalyan's genuine effort and I am really happy with the way his books are being well received. I recently happened to read his latest book and here is the review.

Outline: The plot is simple and is open from the beginning. It is about the combating the rotten piracy issue in Bollywood and the title suggests the same. Though for the commoner the story might sound simple, the amount of research gone in to the book is clearly visible as the intricacies of the piracy schemes, the combative investigation and the passion with which the police (the sincere ones) work is clearly shown. I am particularly impressed with the treatment of the legal hands in the book as Arjun is already famous. With little need for introduction Arjun helps in handling the case deftly and helps in the conclusion too. 

5 reasons why you should pick it up?

  1. Engaging writing style of Kalyan keeps you glues to the book and even if you are not a movie buff the concept is still engaging and entertaining.
  2. Action! The story is never dull and is full of chasing, fights and a lot of action. 
  3. The lady in charge. Taking a realistic look at the story the book engages you on many levels while keeping the chase active. The lady cop is an added advantage and I like her style and finesse of handling things.
  4. Reality: A well researched book is always a delight to read and the author doesn't disappoint you. Right from the beginning, you feel the command on the subject and how deftly he makes you learn a thing of two about the crime industry!
  5. The genre: Rare to start with but growing at a healthy rate the genre needs intellectual brains to write stuff that keeps feeding the hunger for thinking writing and Kalyan as the right prescription for you.
I am really glad that people like Kalyan, who are in the industry and in the workplace are looking beyond keeping their trade secrets are looking at sharing the things from the battlefield and this is a bold yet necessary move as it helps in creating a knowledge base that would help young people to understand the nuances of the industry. 

One thing I would like to change in the story is to get the hero - Arjun hit somewhere else other than the nose! How would the hero look on the camera with his nose in a plaster all through the movie?!

Rating: 2.5/5

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