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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Never give up!

Today's letter is N and I have one message you must have heard a lot many times - Never give up!

Though you are at a dark place in your life, career, health or anything else. Though you are in a difficult spot and cannot step out, don't give up. You cannot give. You cannot afford to let the situations win over you. You cannot lose unless you want to. You cannot let you defeat yourself. Whenever you hit the bottom, remember that there is only one way you can go once you hit the rock bottom and that is the way UP! 

Never ever give up. Fight, move on, learn, endure the pain and tell yourself this is the worst that can happen to you and it has already happened. What else can life throw at you? Nothing. Now that this is clear, we need to get up. So pick yourself up and move on. Dust off the negativity and take a step of faith in the right direction. See what you can correct and improve, what you can learn, what you can innovate, change to help you get up and succeed. Seek help if needed and move forward, even if it is a single step forward, it is better than being in the same place. Progress is a huge thing even if it is small. Progress, proceed and prove them wrong. 

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