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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Me don't care!

Several times we are faced with this challenge to perform more than what we can and do but that is the fun in it. The best and the easiest way to chicken out and say Me don't care! Are you like that? I sure hope you aren't. I love a fight and love taking up things that are way bigger and help in a great cause. I love being in the thick of action and standing up for something that is more than me. Handling pressure, people, tough situations is the best thing that can happen to you and help you build your morale and character.

I am for more. I am for taking up challenges. I am for the fight. I am for the win. I am for the effort. I am for giving more than I can. I am for progress. What about you? Can you not be the guy who says, "Me don't care!"and walk away? Let us help things done. Let us move forward. Let us not give up and move on. Let us take things chin up! Your attitude shows me what you are made up of.

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