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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L for Top 10 Lunch trends in India for 2015

Here is what I think are the top 10 trends of the lunch trends in India for 2015.

  1. Increased number of items with less quantity
  2. Increased popularity of the health conscious meals
  3. More take outs, exploring variety
  4. Sudden love for Mexican food. Hello Taco Bell!
  5. The rise and rise of the delivery industry
  6. Customized food for consumer palates making customer the king
  7. Bye-bye sit down eateries. Improvise or move on. Less and less demand for MCD, Pizza Hut and other eat outs
  8. Hello takeout beverages! Welcome Starbucks, CCD, Cafe Mondo and other sizzling beverage industry. This looks interesting.
  9. Sustainable trends taking over here too - Salads, organic vegetables, positive cooking are here to stay
  10. No fat please

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