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Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Courage

Have the courage to tell the truth. Honest opinion might not make you popular among your friends but would help you stay real and close to the inner self. It is essential that you be honest at all times unless it is better to be silent :)

This post is a part of the A2Z Challenge and today's word is Courage. Courage to speak out your mind when you are trying to help others is a wonderful trait we can all make use of. 

Honest feedback helps the other person to improve, learn, understand and realize that you stand for what is right and aren't two minds about sharing your opinion with them. If anything, it would only help your friend to see how serious you are and bring in a no nonsense attitude with you. I think it is essential to develop this trait and be true to oneself. Also it is important to accept your shortcomings and work on them. This needs courage too. Let us be courageous and search our innermost darkest threats and fears and face them!

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