Google+ Consumer Psyche: April 2015


Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Blues: Quick appreciation

Did you notice the cute smiley the teacher had managed to draw on the book apart from the star and the very good sign. We need more teachers like her. I am impressed. How long do you think it would have taken the teacher to do that? Not more than a minute. How long do you think the child would have smiled and showed off her appreciation? The whole evening! 

Quite often we choose to ignore the good things that happen around us and take them for granted. Instead if we could stand up and appreciate, give positive reinforcement and applaud the simple things that go in the right way, it changes the way people would look at work. What can be more satisfying than a heartfelt thank you after a hard day's work! 

This Monday, we will choose to give positive feedback and appreciate people. Take a little bit more time and send out an appreciation for good work. Draw that extra star and guess what you just made someone's day!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Never give up!

Today's letter is N and I have one message you must have heard a lot many times - Never give up!

Though you are at a dark place in your life, career, health or anything else. Though you are in a difficult spot and cannot step out, don't give up. You cannot give. You cannot afford to let the situations win over you. You cannot lose unless you want to. You cannot let you defeat yourself. Whenever you hit the bottom, remember that there is only one way you can go once you hit the rock bottom and that is the way UP! 

Never ever give up. Fight, move on, learn, endure the pain and tell yourself this is the worst that can happen to you and it has already happened. What else can life throw at you? Nothing. Now that this is clear, we need to get up. So pick yourself up and move on. Dust off the negativity and take a step of faith in the right direction. See what you can correct and improve, what you can learn, what you can innovate, change to help you get up and succeed. Seek help if needed and move forward, even if it is a single step forward, it is better than being in the same place. Progress is a huge thing even if it is small. Progress, proceed and prove them wrong. 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Me don't care!

Several times we are faced with this challenge to perform more than what we can and do but that is the fun in it. The best and the easiest way to chicken out and say Me don't care! Are you like that? I sure hope you aren't. I love a fight and love taking up things that are way bigger and help in a great cause. I love being in the thick of action and standing up for something that is more than me. Handling pressure, people, tough situations is the best thing that can happen to you and help you build your morale and character.

I am for more. I am for taking up challenges. I am for the fight. I am for the win. I am for the effort. I am for giving more than I can. I am for progress. What about you? Can you not be the guy who says, "Me don't care!"and walk away? Let us help things done. Let us move forward. Let us not give up and move on. Let us take things chin up! Your attitude shows me what you are made up of.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L for Top 10 Lunch trends in India for 2015

Here is what I think are the top 10 trends of the lunch trends in India for 2015.

  1. Increased number of items with less quantity
  2. Increased popularity of the health conscious meals
  3. More take outs, exploring variety
  4. Sudden love for Mexican food. Hello Taco Bell!
  5. The rise and rise of the delivery industry
  6. Customized food for consumer palates making customer the king
  7. Bye-bye sit down eateries. Improvise or move on. Less and less demand for MCD, Pizza Hut and other eat outs
  8. Hello takeout beverages! Welcome Starbucks, CCD, Cafe Mondo and other sizzling beverage industry. This looks interesting.
  9. Sustainable trends taking over here too - Salads, organic vegetables, positive cooking are here to stay
  10. No fat please

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Blues: K for Kickass

Though there is a little uncomfortable feeling in using the word kickass, I think it delivers the punch. Can we give a kickass performance today? How about making this the best day for your performance at work, care at home, loving your children, being there for the ones you love? As we go on in this journey of life, we tend to lose out on several pleasures and make it a point to perform better without our loved ones. Make this a point today to be the best of whatever you are doing and ensure more than 100% and let us enjoy what we are doing.

If you are a dancer, dance like there is no tomorrow. If you are a doctor, treat with care, passion and love. If you are a teacher, teach like you matter to the child. If you are a banker, let this day be something your customers will remember for life. If you are a marketeer, make a change in the world of boring sales and irritable talk. Whatever you do, do with love, add value and make your effort count.

Have a kickass day!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

J for Jackass

Don't be a jackass. Don't irritate people. Don't make someone's life miserable just because you can. Often when we have a chance to irritate people and point out mistakes, we don't hesitate and the process making the other person saddened and humiliated. Positive feedback is okay and is very constructive but humiliation is a bad technique.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

I for Ignore

It is surprising to see hoe many people react to you when they have a chance to hate you, tell you you are wrong and how you should have been doing something else. When you succeed there are even more people who would hate you or just stop being interested. This is the perfect time for you to create a list of people to ignore. Ignore haters. Don't just bother. Haters always exist. It is easy to hate someone for no reason. You can find 100 reasons to hate someone. It is extremely difficult to ignore them but trust me that is the best way to handle them.

Today we will learn to ignore people who don't matter, people who say you cannot succeed, people who chose to undermine your capabilities and have been snobs. Ignore them and move one. But don't ignore their comments, humiliation and attitude. You got to use that. That is your fuel. That is your power to succeed, to move forward, to push and to achieve whatever you want to in your life. Use the furl, use that hate to power your inner engine and reach greater heights. Prove them wrong.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Follow your Heart!

Here is a post I wrote about following your heart: Why you should follow your heart!

Here is a wonderful video which speaks on the same terms but is more open to chance.

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Go Green

When I say it is all about choices, I mean with a small lifestyle change you can slowly turn sustainable. Trust me once you start doing it, you will like being Green. Here are the top 10 ways you can turn green easily.

  1. Switch to CFL, even better to LED. Save money and live in a better light
  2. Use reusable shopping bags when grocery shopping. Reduce plastic, save money (supermarkets are charging a bomb for them these days)
  3. Buy a 5 starred product when buying appliances
  4. Walk to wherever you are going
  5. Eat local - it is fresh, cheap and nutritious
  6. Sun dry (in shade) your clothes
  7. Turn off electronics devices, unplug when not in use
  8. Drive in a moderate speed - it helps fuel efficiency, lesser chances of accident and peaceful drive
  9. Recycle responsibly
  10. Pay bills online

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Fight on almost everything

"We can fight on almost everything. But we can come together on some things. And those 'somethings' can mean everything to a whole lot of people." 

— President Obama 

at the opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate  #EMKInstitute

Lessons from life: Why you should follow your heart!

It was right after my summer vacation. I was about 14 then. I had just learned to ride a bike and used to insist taking my mom for a ride to show off that I can do it on my own. All of summer I had worked on part time jobs, some household chores and been collecting some money for a special purpose. This special purpose was to buy a surprise gift for my mom on her birthday! Though her birthday was quite some time away, I was planning for long. I had visited some nice stores and seen some nice gifts for her. I planned it all so well and finalized on a saree that would match the color of her eyes and knew she wanted to buy that color with the zari on them. I knew she would love it and she would look gorgeous in it. It was quite expensive and I was determined to buy it for her.

But I was short by about 100 rupees. That was quite some money in the nineties. I was desparate and was trying to get more pocket money, doing more tasks than ever and was collecting the amount. By the end of the holidays, I was able to meet my target and had converted all the coins and change to bigger currency notes and had them safely tucked away. I visited the shop and told them to keep the saree reserved for me and that I would buy it a day before her birthday. Of course my mom wasn't aware of all this and boy it was going to be a great surprise. Everything was in the right place until...

My mom had come down with fever and cough and we had to go to the hospital to see our physician. When we were there the physician checked out and prescribed a syrup and some tablets for her. I told her to rest in the reception area and went to get the medicines from the medical shop in the hospital. While I waited for the pharmacist to pack my medicines a man in his thirties came to the shop with a prescription on his own. Judging from his dress he must have been a daily wage labourer or a farmer obviously not very well to do. He was very cautious and was talking in a hushed tone very hesitantly to the pharmacist who was just ignoring him. I hung around a little longer to find out that the man was literally begging the pharmacist to give some medicines on loan. They had a young child, about 3 months admitted in the general section (the cheapest section, usually free for stay but medicines are to be bought) and is in need to medicines but they cannot afford. On further hearing out the pharmacist started shooing the guy away and said he owes them some money and he will not lend anymore. The amount was quite big but I was really hurt by the way the pharmacist was treating the man and the tears in the man's eyes touched something in me. I couldn't leave.

I asked him how much the medicine costs while ignoring the pharmacist who was saying they will never repay me back.  The amount for some reason matched to the money I saved for my mom's saree. I was devastated. All my three month's plan, hard work, missed plays and saved money was exactly matching to his requirement. How would I buy my mom the saree? How would I surprise her? Should I pay him and help his child or should I just take my medicines and walk away. I looked him again and could feel his pain. He stopped begging the pharmacist and was turning away. I help his hand and gave him the money I saved up for my mom's birthday. He fell down to his knees and was shocked and thanking me and started weeping. The pharmacist was shocked and was saying something about taking my address and repaying. I just touched the man's shoulder and told him to take care of his child and walked out. Once I left the corridor, I wiped my tears off. I couldn't think of anything.

I composed myself by the time I reached mom and she was worried why I was late. We went home. next day, I went to the hospital again to see if the child needs some more money. By God's grace the child was healthy and playing. The medicines I paid for helped him recover and they managed to arrange some more money. The family was very thankful and said they would repay me soon. I didn't share my address or contact information and told them to take care and went off. Over the next few days, I tried making as much money as possible but still couldn't make enough to get the saree. I had visited the shop several times in this week and requested them to keep the saree for few more days.

On the day of my mother's birthday, I couldn't get the saree but got her a card and a coffee cup instead. When we opened it after the prayer, she was surprised and said, "Where is my saree?" Now it was my turn to be shocked. "I thought you were gifting me a saree!" 

Then she opened the pack dad gave her and there was the saree I told the shopkeeper to hold on to. I was surprised and shocked. Too many emotions swept though me at that point and I hugged my mom dad and wept. Here is what happened. While I was busy doing all this stuff of making this impossible target, the shop keeper had called on the land line (there were no mobiles in India then) and asked if I was coming to buy the saree. Mom got to know more and said she will pick up if I don't do.

While I was talking to the pharmacist, mom was worried that I was taking too long so she ventured to the pharmacy and oversaw the whole thing. She saw me pay the man and walked back calmly to the reception. She thought I would tell her the story but when I didn't she didn't question. She had spoken to dad and dad went to the hospital the same night and told the doctor that he will take care of the total bill for the child. They said they were really proud of who I was growing up to be. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life. My decision to follow my heart paid was correct. I paid a small price but got paid back in abundance. Somewhere that small child would be a teenager now and hopefully is making her parents and me proud.

Follow your heart always. Take a leap of faith and God will always repay you back. As in the book of Proverbs 19:17 it says, Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Do a Fantastic job!

In today's message, I am about to urge you to do a fantastic job at your work. Be the best you can be and ensure that your commitment levels are very high. Unless you set a goal for yourself, who would be able to convince you to be the best? 

If you have been to a doctor for your child, wouldn't you expect a 100% commitment from her in treating your child. Why shouldn't your customers expect the same from you? In other words, would you accept anything below par service and commitment from anyone else. Then why set a low standard for yourself. We should set a really high goal today and set out to achieve that today. Let us deliver our fantastic work today, tomorrow and every day thereafter.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Book Review: Pirates of Bollywood

There were very few legal thrillers in India. Growing up with John Grisham's literature and being really impressed with the strength  the legal system holds and is incomparable to what a normal job would give you. The books usually do not celebrate the deliverer of the law or the defender of the weak but are usually elaborate in the plot and curt in the avenging. In India, the genre is just warming up and leading space is Kalyan's genuine effort and I am really happy with the way his books are being well received. I recently happened to read his latest book and here is the review.

Outline: The plot is simple and is open from the beginning. It is about the combating the rotten piracy issue in Bollywood and the title suggests the same. Though for the commoner the story might sound simple, the amount of research gone in to the book is clearly visible as the intricacies of the piracy schemes, the combative investigation and the passion with which the police (the sincere ones) work is clearly shown. I am particularly impressed with the treatment of the legal hands in the book as Arjun is already famous. With little need for introduction Arjun helps in handling the case deftly and helps in the conclusion too. 

5 reasons why you should pick it up?

  1. Engaging writing style of Kalyan keeps you glues to the book and even if you are not a movie buff the concept is still engaging and entertaining.
  2. Action! The story is never dull and is full of chasing, fights and a lot of action. 
  3. The lady in charge. Taking a realistic look at the story the book engages you on many levels while keeping the chase active. The lady cop is an added advantage and I like her style and finesse of handling things.
  4. Reality: A well researched book is always a delight to read and the author doesn't disappoint you. Right from the beginning, you feel the command on the subject and how deftly he makes you learn a thing of two about the crime industry!
  5. The genre: Rare to start with but growing at a healthy rate the genre needs intellectual brains to write stuff that keeps feeding the hunger for thinking writing and Kalyan as the right prescription for you.
I am really glad that people like Kalyan, who are in the industry and in the workplace are looking beyond keeping their trade secrets are looking at sharing the things from the battlefield and this is a bold yet necessary move as it helps in creating a knowledge base that would help young people to understand the nuances of the industry. 

One thing I would like to change in the story is to get the hero - Arjun hit somewhere else other than the nose! How would the hero look on the camera with his nose in a plaster all through the movie?!

Rating: 2.5/5

Monday Blues: Excel in abundance!

Every day we come upon several situations where we can excel but most of us choose to ignore them. This Monday, let us learn to use those opportunities to learn, to deliver, to succeed, to motivate, to encourage, to change, to grow and to excel.

Learning is a lifelong journey and only those who learn everyday have a chance to succeed everyday. While the emphasis is on the learning and improving, it is essential to look at excelling in what we do as unless you excel, you don't move forward. To excel you need to learn, to read, to understand and to be open. Do not hesitate to learn and to put things into practice and may you Excel in Abundance!

This post is a part of the A2Z Challenge.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Fear not, for I am with you

Fear not, for I am with you; 
be not dismayed, for I am your God. 
 I will strengthen you, 
Yes, I will help you, 
 I will uphold you with 
My righteous 
right hand. 

Isaiah 41:10

Because He Lives

Its Easter Sunday and this beautiful song proclaims that my saviour is alive!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Do!

Today's letter is the A2z Challenge is D and hence the word I have chosen is DO! Most times we are more interested in saying things, planning, bragging and hoping they would happen. You know what? That is easy. The toughest part is to go out there and perform. To do!

Like the great bard claimed To Do or Not To Do is the question. Most of them don't even bother to answer and prefer the naught answer. Doing things isn't easy. It takes effort, planning and commitment. It takes guts to step up and commit oneself to doing things and guess what only they can get things done and move forward in life. Let us promise ourselves that we wont just be thinkers and quitters but be the DOers and let us make things happen. Let us do so many things that give us pride, accomplishment and help us remain on the top of the game and live like a boss.

Go out and DO!

Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Courage

Have the courage to tell the truth. Honest opinion might not make you popular among your friends but would help you stay real and close to the inner self. It is essential that you be honest at all times unless it is better to be silent :)

This post is a part of the A2Z Challenge and today's word is Courage. Courage to speak out your mind when you are trying to help others is a wonderful trait we can all make use of. 

Honest feedback helps the other person to improve, learn, understand and realize that you stand for what is right and aren't two minds about sharing your opinion with them. If anything, it would only help your friend to see how serious you are and bring in a no nonsense attitude with you. I think it is essential to develop this trait and be true to oneself. Also it is important to accept your shortcomings and work on them. This needs courage too. Let us be courageous and search our innermost darkest threats and fears and face them!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things you learn from a dog!

B for Be Nice

Every once in a while you have a chance to be nice to someone who doesn't deserve you to be nice. But be nice anyway. Whatever is the reason for you to be rude, angry and upset, try and not be that. It is easy to be rude but difficult to be nice. 

Once I was in a traffic incident where both the drivers were at fault but were shouting at each other in frustration. I couldn't stop wondering why they were doing it. All there were few scratches and both weren't even bothered about the financial damage but were adamant on proving their point of being right. In life when we have situations like this, make sure you be nice and move on. After all we are all covered by insurance and the amount won't matter to anything. Things could be solved by simple reasoning and discussion. It is less frustrating to be nice and simply solve the problem. Anger and being rude never helped anyone.

I am not saying it is an easy job to be nice, but we should try and be. Being nice is a virtue we can all benefit from.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A for Awesome Adulthood!

Simple things are a luxury in these times and it is better we let ourselves to stay on this path. This month I am taking part in the A-Z challenge and would try to talk about the Monday Blues series. Today, we would look to step out of our comfort zone and look at the beauty of nature and indulge in simple, yet challenging situations. Make time for yourself and there is nothing better than self improvement. If you don't look for yourself, then who would? And who should?

Look at this wonderful video of kids playing in the mud and enjoying themselves. Pure simple joys like these make for Awesome Childhood. Can we also make some memories like these along the way and make our adulthood Awesome too?