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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Restaurant Review: Delhi's Khan Chacha

So I was told that this place serves the best biryani in Delhi with the most authentic mutton biryani and sheek kebabs. I got to go and see for myself. Khan Chacha is the restaurant in question. There are several branches in Delhi and I was at the one near Connaught Place and we were in for a pleasant surprise. The restaurant is a small shop with an upper deck to take your plate and munch on. As it was a self serviced eatery, there were not many people pushing you around. Once we found a table to sit down, we looked at the menu and decided to try the biryani and the famed sheek kebabs. 

Even the Aam Admi comes here for the kebabs
The decor was done up well with contemporary look and minimalist approach. The relish was the pictures of the celebrities who frequented the place and almost everyone I know has been here. The awards from the foodie world (most of them) had given a high rating and were proudly displayed behind the cashier. Once you have placed your order they foood was made fresh in the kitchen and you could see through the glass. I liked the simple kitchen and by keeping the product offering to a fixed menu, they were able to churn out multiple dishes and service many people.

A hygienic kitchen where fresh food is made to order
The taste was very similar to the Mughalai style and was slightly bland for my taste (I like it with a lot of spices and masalas) but the texture of the kebab was consistent, was dripping with its juices and served hot. The magical dish was the mutton biryani and was delicious. I was glad we had come there as I could taste probably one of the oldest recipes in India for the Mughalai mutton biryani. 

Apart from the non-vegetarian dishes like fish tikka, paneer tikka, chicken tikka you also have a vegetarian paneer tikka, aloo tikka and vegetarian biryani and the rolls are the best sellers. The recipes are passed down from generations when Mr. Khan who started the restaurant in a small shop and grew to what it is today.  Salim and Javed are Khan Chacha's sons who are running the show now and I should say, quite successfully. 

Mutton Sheek Kebab
The Delhi crowd likes it as they are serious about the quality and freshness while being true to the authentic taste of Delhi. The Kebab is the showstopper with its softness, flavours, masala, appropriate chewiness achieved with the right amount of marination. 

I liked the way they adopted the modern fast food culture to an Indian restaurant where they have a self service system as it helps in reducing the burden on service and is loved by the college crowd. If you are Delhi, you must drop in and taste their Kebabs.

Ambiance: 4/5

Parking: Street
Food: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Cost: 4/5 (about 12$ for two)

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