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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Keep it sleeek and keep it amazing

One thing that has always kept me interested and looking up in the sleek and mean looking gadgets and this time when I was headed to the ITC Gardenia for the Indiblogger meet, I was in for a treat. Meeting friends and having fun is the major agenda than just the product experience in the meets and boy we look forward to that. This Indiblogger meet was no different either. The best thing was that we had a decent crowd of bloggers, decent is an understatement, fully charged and gearing to go.

The fun games and the teams were creative to say the least. The old Hindi movie theme and the gangnam style were the crowd favorites. The fun and food being the other interesting thing, what stole the show was the mean looking baby laptop new on the block. The experience was awesome and the chicklet keyboard is my favorite. The #GosleeekASUSExperience was a pleasant one.

The device is cool for both its pricing and the features and should be a steal considering the market out there. Check the products out on Amazon and may be you would be happy with the 11 hour battery life. And next time, do join us for an incredible experience at the IndiBlogger meets! See ya. Keep it sleeek and keep it amazing.

Here is the group picture that we all love. Keep blogging and live forever.

Pics are from here and by Raksha.

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