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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Don't talk, just chat

You got to agree that it is a pain to sell old stuff. Stuff that you loved once and bought it after a lot of care. Stuff you cherished and wanted use and made plans. Like that vacuum cleaner that you researched and bought expecting to make your life easy but is stored in a cardboard box in some corner in your house or that wonder storage boxes that matched your new curtain designs or that gift from your ex that you want to get rid off. Well there would be so many things like that in every Indian home and with the advent of the new online revolution, it was supposed to be easy yo sell and get them off your shoulders in a easy way. But the reality is something else!

A latest ad from Quikr
The moment you fix up a free ad on any of the reselling sites the flurry of the calls is too much to handle. Even after you say serious buyers only and even when you mention all the details in the description, you get asked the same questions and the same explanation for the same product only to add to your agony. In such a case, the need for innovation is desperately needed and long due. 

We were looking to move to a new home few days ago and the landlord was asking us if we would want any of the electronic items like fridge, washing machine, oven and so on. I said I would check and let him know. Next day he called me back saying none of that stuff is available as he has placed an ad online and finished all the sales. It is that fast you know but the problem, he mentioned, was the number of calls he had to answer and how silly he felt explaining the same process again and again to all the people who called. When you have to explain the same point again and again and to do that on a daily basis, it gets tiresome. How about we reduce your time spent and simplify the process. How about making it Quikr? It is to this note that there is a blessing from which chose to allow the chat option to cut off all the unnecessary calls and just chat. The same feeling is shared from people on the other side of the line. 

Here are the three reasons why I prefer chat over a phone call.

1. When you are buying, you would have some doubts and it would be great to record some of the communication in the sale process and chatting allows you to do that. 

2. The mobile app provides a chat option that allows people to connect and talk to each other so as to reduce the number of interactions and at my own convenient time. 

3. It is also essential to complete the discussion as I have an option to copy and paste the points rather than repeat the same again on phone through a call. 

With innumerable calls coming your way, when a service provider tries to reduce the effort in completing the transaction, it is a welcome drive. Any brand which thinks about its client's use and is looking to improve the experience is a progressive one at that. Let us change the way we are approaching the sales mechanism. Let us reduce the clutter in the selling and make it easy. So why would you talk when you can chat?

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