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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Delhi votes

As my national capital votes today, I am proud of the increased interaction and participation all over, especially in the social media. Arvind's team put forth a spirited fight, Bedi and the BJP team weren't far behind and finally moved out of Modi's image. Congress' Ajay proved he can face a losing battle. 

This vote is not for a party, not for an ideology and definitely not the result of a glamorous campaign. This vote is for progress, for development and for the democracy. This vote is not for your or me, this vote is for our children, our future. This vote is not for us to throw away, this vote is for our children to preserve. Hope Delhi votes well.

The winners I should say are the people of Delhi, the Delhi voter whom everyone is trying to win over with schemes and the offers. Hope he chooses his government well and hope they live up to their promises.

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