Google+ Consumer Psyche: 10 things I expect from Narendra Modi's #SuperBudget


Saturday, February 28, 2015

10 things I expect from Narendra Modi's #SuperBudget

  1. Make in India: Boost manufacturing (Auto, chemicals, pharma, defense, leather, tourism, food processing...) with funds, tax breaks, faster clearances, FDI >  boost jobs, technology, education > improve lifestyle
  2. Smart cities - let us build them. Educate, empower, embrace, encourage, ensure
  3. Food sustainability - Research, reclaim, encourage sustainability and show a road map for sufficient production
  4. Improve infrastructure - roads, transport, water, power, hospitality, tourism, reduce food costs, improve education
  5. Reduce, simplify personal taxes - increase the exemption to 5 lakhs, travel allowance to 5k, insurance exemption to 60k, medicals to 70-100k, higher tax benefits to women, higher exemptions to pension plans, home loans, education loans, government bonds
  6. Encourage traditional arts, culture, education, manufacturing, public investments
  7. Simplify tax laws for service sector, reward quality
  8. Give incentives to start-ups, cleanliness drives, recycling, sustainability, education
  9. Jan Dhan: Increase the BPL and help people grow out of it
  10. Bring back black money and avoid generating more
#SuperBudget #ModiBudget

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