Google+ Consumer Psyche: You know How Millennials spend their time? (Infographic)


Monday, January 5, 2015

You know How Millennials spend their time? (Infographic)

Read a beautiful article today and couldn't help sharing. Here it is.
Have you think anytime how you company can connect with millennials?
It wasn’t too long time ago; that newspaper and radio were leading news source. Now the technology friendly generation are prepares to find their news elsewhere like television and internet.
Millennials spends 18 hours a day consuming media – often multiple forms at once. 50% of millennials watch online video at least once in a day. And few things make millennials to choose like immediate access, multitasking and make convenience of viewing location. And you know the average millennials check his or her mobile 43 times per day and 5.4 hours on social media per day. 66% of millennials embrace brands on social media and get.

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