Google+ Consumer Psyche: Stay behind the curtain


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stay behind the curtain

Let the consumer or your client be in front of the camera. Move back and hide behind the curtain, especially when you are doing well. Come out and stand out in the open and defend yourself, or face the heat when you aren't doing well.

While BMW is doing a great job in creating the best cars and a superb consumer satisfaction and impressive ad campaigns, I loved it when it was subtle and the brand chose to showcase their best bet till now - Sachin Tendulkar. I love the ad for a simple reason that I couldn't skip it!

It is simple, clean and crisp and damn! Sachin looks comfortable in front of the camera and the journey and admiration seems mutual. Good job BMW. By moving behind the screen and leting your work talk, you are hitting the right notes and we love it. 

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