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Friday, October 10, 2014

What is this Satya Nadella?

Satya was celebrated when he reached the helm of one of the brightest companies of the world and we all shared the borrowed halo. Now that he messed up, that too in a bad way, we don't want anything from him! Aren't we human?

Poor Satya said something that most of the menfolk, not just in India, all over the world believe in! Thought not discussed openly, every change, promotion, hike, success of a woman is associated with something funny, dirty and sneered with jealousy. Women have reached pinnacles of the most cherished companies, proved their worth in many fields including space research, defense and science which they were late entrants to! And with time they grew tougher, stronger, more able than men can ever be and while most women choose to ignore, skip and look down upon the remarks, snide comments, some women, or should I say, many women feel depressed, pressurized and forced to step back and suffer. It is a shame we are a society who despise others success and cheer their failure. It is a shame we don't appreciate the contribution, more if not equal, of women for the success and upbringing of our culture, society and economy. It is a shame that people like Satya Nadella are still among us choosing to carry values that should be denounced and scrapped.

I like Satya Nadella for what he has achieved in his life with grit and hard work. I am all for men doing well but let me say this with optimistic prayer, for every Satya Nadella who climbs successfully up the corporate ladder, there are more than one woman who could do that given a chance. It is all about chances and choices. When will we move to an equal world with open chances and open minded people? May be I shouldn't ask or hope for anything and wait for my karma.

Satya, I believe you didn't mean what you said and you will do everything possible to change my opinion about you and your respect for women. Until then you can keep your two penny opinions to yourself.

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