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Friday, September 5, 2014

Lessons from Virat Kohli

Virat is angry. 
Virat is young.
Virat is a genius.

When you are talented, blessed with opportunities and are severely clinically examined for every move and are always in the limelight like Virat, I think it is fair enough to be carried away and sometimes be yourself. When Virat gets angry, I understand he can be upset. I see many negative comments about him getting angry and irritated when he is given out and there are always many such occasions in Cricket. It is a game after all and we all know how unfair it can be sometimes. But to let out the anger and show disapproval and behave in a childish mood is being questioned. I beg to differ. I am glad Virat gets angry, I am glad Virat is showing it.

Why do we equate Virat with Sachin and behave as if he has to follow the little master? Let Virat be himself - angry, passionate, challenging, aggressive and expressive. We love him for his knocks, passion and for being himself. Be yourself, be brave, be expressive and be natural. Let people like or dislike you for what you are. Focus on improving, changing for better and moving forward.

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