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Friday, September 12, 2014

It All Starts: Ra, ra, ra, ra, Rishi

Once in a while there comes a marketer who decides to think otherwise and make a brilliant ad and here is one such example. One of the best ads for 2014 till now and it comes from the house of Nestle for Nescafe. Bringing the stand up gig to address a communication problem and showing the human side of the solution and connecting conversations is brilliant. The ad is titled, 'It all starts' and is simply ruling the social media space.

A brilliant communication is one where the cause or communication problem takes the center-stage while the brand moves to the background. This is special as it takes the cake of communication strategies as it is simple and Rishi makes you fall in love with him. Though he has to joke his way past the rent collecting landlord who gives him time to pay in installments, Rishi, in the Nescafe ad, walks away with 10 lakh hits on youtube and many shares on Facebook, Twitter... Amazing strategy and I am floored. 

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