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Monday, September 8, 2014

iPhone 6 is here

The wait is over.
iPhone 6 is getting launched. 
Apple's website says something exciting is on the way in the next 24 hours and GSM Arena has the specs listed

Here is what I want to see in my iPhone 6.

  1. Better display: I want to see something between 4s and 5s. What? Are you giving me 4.7 inches? Thank you! How about a stronger glass, Apple?
  2. Better front cam: I know you are dishing out 13mp/16mp cam with better flash, I hope you are adding a good quality front cam too for my selfies. How about a 5mp/8mp? Hey btw, can you integrate both the cams so I can take combined shots? Also a better photo editing software?
  3. Better storage: How about ridiculous space without a lot of cost associated with it? How about 128GB/512GB? I don't want to keep deleting, storing my images, songs, files all the time. And a cloud based storage?
  4. Faster processor: Surprise me! Give me your best.
  5. Longer battery life: How about 3 days backup? I don't mind paying for this.
  6. Affordable: Give me all this but don't don't kill me with the cost!
Are you ready yet?

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