Google+ Consumer Psyche: 5 things you marketers shouldn't do on Social Media


Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 things you marketers shouldn't do on Social Media

The popular belief is that marketers are lairs and sell you stuff you don't need! Marketing has become a profession where everything you do or say is looked at cynically. So it is important to be careful about what you do and avoid mistakes. Here are five mistakes you should avoid when marketing on social media.

  1. Avoid partial branding - Give as much information as you can and keep it simple and easy to find out and verify
  2. Avoid one-way conversations - Don't just say or be preachy. Start a conversation, a discussion
  3. Don't spam - Limit your conversations, posts, updates so I won't feel you are spamming me
  4. Be Human - I like your brand and would love to like your personality. Don't just be bland, neutral, have some beliefs and embrace them passionately
  5. Stick to the brand - Don't get carried away with the response you are getting and sell me things I don't want. Stick to your brand, don't divert the message. As a consumer, I don't like mixed messages
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