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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mövenpick and the art of Swiss Ice cream

What happens when there is a passion for gastronomy and you have the resources to access the best of nature? Now add in the legendary Swiss perfection and you have one of the best food brands in the world. And when you know that their ice cream is one of the finest in the world, you don't mind traveling 10 kilometers for over 3 hours in jam packed Bangalore traffic on a rainy day, especially when it was one of the highest rains of the year. 

We were invited by Blogger's Club for an exclusive preview tasting of M
övenpick ice creams at their flagship store at Lavelle Road, Bangalore and it was truly a delight.

övenpick's products are made from all natural ingredients without artificial additives, flavorings or colors! With this all natural policy they have developed several innovations over the years, ever since they started in 1948 by Ueli Prager, with a philosophy that - “doing simple things in an extraordinary way”. 

The Movenpick ice cream boutique is the only third outlet in India (with 300 outlets across the world) and is targeted at the affluent consumer base and the ‘newly conscious of natural products’ young adults. Dennis Koorey (Country Business Manager) flew in from Australia to oversee the launch and was also our guide for the day as we explored the various flavours they had to share!

Fresh baked hot Belgian waffles served with Movenpick Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream and Stracciatella ice cream

The colors are slightly different from what you see outside, Dennis explained, as we use only natural fruits from each country and then ship them to Switzerland where the ice cream is made in the central factory and then the finished product is shipped back to the market. So you can be sure about the quality, taste and the texture of all the ice creams to be the same

Spiced Viennese Coffee with a strong hint of cinnamon

All Mövenpick recipes are only made out of carefully selected natural ingredients that are processed in a clearly defined manner. Exclusive food treatment procedures have been developed with all their suppliers to ensure that there is no chemical additive in the ingredients. Only natural starches are used as thickeners in fruit preparations and lemon juice replaces citric acid. 100% fruit and vegetable concentrates and/or extracts are used for colour which retains their natural colour. 

Peach Melba with Vanilla ice cream, poached peaches drizzled with raspberry sauce garnished with whipped cream, ripe peaches

Swiss Chocolate Obsession with a Stracciatella ice cream. Watch out for their chocolate sauce and shavings.

Raspberry Sparkling Sorbet

What you should not miss is their Swiss chocolate ice cream. This is their best selling of all flavours across the world! It is like a perfectly layered ice cream with sheets of fine Swiss chocolate in between sponges of soft ice cream that keep bursting in to your palette as you bite in to it. The coned caramel delight version won my heart too. 

Tiger and Dennis Koorey

You must visit them at 4/1-1 Lavelle Road, Lavelle Heights, Near Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore, India 560001 or call  080-41679720 

For more pictures, visit our facebook page.

Tiger's ratings:
Ambiance: 4/5
Product spread: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5

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