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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bring home a Deepam, shine bright like a diamond

When you love someone more than anything else in this world, how do you express it?  Is there a description or a sonnet that can convey your feelings with authentic delicacy, passion and ease that they would just understand what you want to say? 

Swarovski collection in Kanjeevaram silk
Well few people can. What would you gift to the most beautiful person in your world? When you are in search of beautiful gift for your beloved for a special occasion, you might as well choose something that compliments not just their tradition but also accentuates their individuality. If you are still searching for such a matchless gift, head to Deepam Silks and check out their Swarovski collection!

Get dressed for any occasion @ Deepam Silks Crystal Silk wonder
Inspired by centuries old traditions of Kanjeevaram silk sarees that mark the auspicious occasions like no other, invigorated by glittering stars in the night sky and the varied colors that leave you enchanted, Deepam Silk's Swarovski collection is ready to usher in beautiful blessings of the season.

As we were witnessing the unfolding of original silk wonders that come out of the handcrafted Kanjeevaram master weavers, lights danced off to the silent yet rhythmic chants of the star studded signature motifs, reliefs, corals and gopurams. I was simply bowled over as the finest silk sarees spread majestically before us and later adorned a beautiful lady who walked with poise and attitude in various colors that secretly whispered silent stories of love, joy, patience, commitment and promise that were personified in the yards of pure silk. What were crystals doing romancing with silk? Well the world's leader in cut crystals decided to go in tandem and learn to collaborate with some of the best weavers the world has ever seen and bring out the most gorgeous Swarovski collection of Kanjeevaram Sarees for Deepam Silks.

Tradition and style @ Deepam Silks Swarovski collection of Kanjeevaram sarees

The beautiful borders stand out and you know it is a Deepam even when you are in a crowd, said Pramila C, who was our host for the evening. "People call us and book appointments, give us color combinations and prebook some of our collections even before they book tickets to India!" "A Deepam Kanjeevaram silk saree is a must in every function. The occasion is incomplete without a Deepam Saree and it is this traditional love and sentimental value of our customers that motivates us and encourages us to come out with more designs and style without diluting the traditional values."
Pramila C, Deepam with Madhu
What is in vogue now? Well bright colors and bridal colors are back. Especially fuschia, yellows, blues and oranges are a must for this season. The well-crafted minute designs in the pallus are accentuated when the saree folds or moves but because you got the crystals embedded in them you now have small little sparkles that steal a look here and play a hide-n-seek there drawing your attention to the otherwise missed crafty work. 

Elegance and tradition packed in one @ Deepam Silks Swarovski collection

So what can you expect from this collection? Classy Kanjeevaram silk sarees that let you wear Indian heritage and culture while elegantly allowing the light to play with the naughty Swarovski crystals that keeps you graceful yet exuberant. Will you be so immersed in the intricacies of the saree design or would you be wondering how the numerous stars of the night sky have some to adorn your loved one’s feet? The answer is none. You would be overawed by the joyous reaction and the simple serene beauty of your beloved’s smile that would be brighter than all the small clean cut Swarovski crystals in her dress. 
The finest silk  @ Deepam Silks
What are you waiting for? Bring home a Deepam and shine bright like a diamond!

Contact: Deepam Silk Retail Pvt. Ltd., 404 Barton Center MG Road Bangalore – 560001, 9845108374 | | Deepam's facebook page

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