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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Indian street food: Bangalore

I love street food. I am amazed when any of my friends go to a joint outside the city or country and ask for their own fixed food item regardless of what is available on the menu. Some even don't like looking at the menu. India has a great cultural diversity and an amalgamation of cultures is very well documented and experienced by the love of food. You find amazing food places and people on the streets.

One such occasion is during the holy month where our muslin friends celebrate fasting and then in the evening we all go to the streets filled with food, culture, music, chatter and chaos. All around the street corners you would find food stalls selling sweet meats, kebabs, grilled delicacies, fruits, salads, rotis and what not! We love going to Shivaji Nagar in Bangalore and also in Jayanagar where you would find that the street offers you more food than you can offer.

Of course you know my favorite food is haleem and you would find that you cannot eat just one. Smoked kebabs, hari kebabs, biryani, jalebis, samosas, shahi tudka, puffs, parantas, ice cream, wood-fire-cooked dosas, bondas, rice, pulav, fruit mixers and seasoned dates are on my list this year.

If you are an Bangalorean and you are heading in search of good food, make sure you visit Shivaji nagar at least once int he nest week and sample the varied options available and the chance at peeking in to their different cooking styles. Yep Street food is worth romancing and the dream is to be so full that you fall asleep on the way back. Do pack your camera and come with an empty stomach and let the streets of Shivaji Nagar show you some love, share some food and make you as comfortable as home. If you cannot go so far to Shivaji Nagar, head to Jayanagar and you would find the same. Ramadeen Kareem.

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