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Friday, May 16, 2014

The 9 mantras of Modi’s spectacular success

If Narendra Modi has made it to 7, Race Course Road, it is a triumph not only of strategy and commitment, but of the basic management and marketing principles that his campaign embraced. 

Right from the outset, the party under Modi set itself stretch targets – which focused the efforts of all the stakeholders to one central objective: Mission 272+. This was the ultimate goal of getting the BJP a majority of its own even while focusing on building the right alliances in the right states and voter niches. Equally important, the BJP was a perfectly aligned force from teeth to tail – from the one leader (Modi) who led the fight from the front, to the last karyakarta, the BJP and RSS foot soldiers, who felt they had a personal stake in this election. 

When there is such an alignment from top to bottom, it is no surprise that the end-results have been so gratifying. The chemistry between top and bottom was electrifying. Unlike the Congress, where the bosses kept themselves cocooned and the workers ran a disprited campaign, in the BJP the boss led from the front – driving the enthusiasm of the cadre. 

The boss put in a grueling 20-hour day, cross-crossing addressing over 450 rallies in a few months, and addressing even larger audiences with his unique 3D projection technology which enabled him to be in several places at the same time. In the run-up to the election, we had run a story on the management lessons we could learn from Modi’s campaign. It is worth recalling it again in the context of the success of the BJP and Modi today (16 May). These are some of the things one can learn from the success of the Modi juggernaut.

Modi’s march to 7, Race Course Road, is now a case study on how to uses the rules of management and marketing to lead and win.

1. Declare your ambitions and goals clearly
2. Set stretch targets and align your entire team to the final goal
3. Bbreak the final target personal targets into a set of smaller targets and milestones
4. Demonstrate strength, then invite stakeholders
5. Eliminate doubters and bring in team players
6. Plan meticulously and in detail
7. Set the agenda and keep control
8. Attack the enemy where he is weak
9. Never play to your weakness

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