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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy father's day

As father's day fast approaches, I am a little worried about the way world is changing around me and how things are not going as I would love them to go. I am also very positive and am looking forward to a changing world to move towards a better future and am very optimistic that good things are yet to come.

When I hear positive stories, I am glad people are changing. Respect for women is increasing day by day. We are taking small steps and going steadily. These may be small steps but these are strong steps, one step at a time. Brands are recognizing that. I am glad I grew up in a household where I was never exposed to an intellectual difference between a woman and a man. I used to help my mother in the kitchen, my father with his work and this was accepted as normal. I am proud to have parents who thought this is how their child or their 'only son' as it was the craze then should grow. I am glad my dad taught me values and ideals that I think every father should have and I would pass them on to my little child. Thank you mom and dad!

I am also glad to have my beautiful wife as my best friend and as a partner and not just in a relationship. I love it when she defeats me in debates and has better suggestions and gets several appreciations in her workplace. I am proud she is able to straddle mom-hood and still be an effective homemaker. I probably wouldn't be so patient if I were in her place. I am sure she likes my culinary skills when I whip out some mean dinners (I sure can). We are blessed with a beautiful daughter and she is a doll. I love the way she is growing up in front of my eyes swiftly. It is my prayer and deepest wish that things change to the positive and my daughter can look out to be recognized for her talents, abilities and choices and not get stuck in a stereotype.  Here is hoping to good times. Thank you for Dad for being there everyday, every step of the way and being a role model for me to look up to.

Would you contribute to the change? Would you take one small step? Would you be ready to change? I think you should and you would.

Read many success stories of women who are making a change everyday here: Talk To Tiger

Happy father's day Dad. I love you. Cheers!

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