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Friday, April 4, 2014

Water on Mars

Yep. There is. I am in the know how and have access to some classified information for quite sometime now and that makes me believe strongly that there is water on Mars and that this would not just be a good news to us humans but also a great chance to explore and move on to new worlds.

This announcement of the presence water or should I say the presence of an ocean on Enceladus, a moon, revolving Saturn just affirms that water and other life supporting elements can be existent all around the universe and we are in the process of discovering them.

When the Cassini spacecraft got its first closeup look at Saturn’s moon Enceladus after the probe’s arrival in 2004, it was rewarded with a jaw-dropping sight: giganticgeysers of ice particles and water vapor spewing hundreds of miles into space from the icy world’s southern hemisphere. These plumes are so prolific that they continuously resurface Enceladus’ sparkling white surface with a fresh coating of ice crystals—and still have enough left over to be the main source of ice particles that make up Saturn’s E-ring.

I sincerely hope Mars rover or our own Mangalyaan just affirms this and makes us proud. Fingers crossed. Waiting.

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