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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

李绅 《悯农》Toiling farmers

After a lot of noise on the internet about the Earth day most of the people I know chose to carry on business with airs as if they have contributed their share to the world and in making it a better place. Take up some commitment and stick to it so it would make a difference in what you do and how your children will grow up to be. Beware that you are actually passing on what you do to your children.

A Chinese friend of mine read my blogpost on the Earth Day and sent me this poem. I had to ask him to translate the same for you and it is amazingly simple and to the point. Had to share it with you all.

The poem is called Toiling Farmers and is written by Li Shen and goes like this in Chinese.


Farmers weeding at noon,
Sweat down the field soon.
Who knows food on a tray
Thanks to their toiling day?

Before I tell you more about the translation, let us see who Li Shen is. Li Shen is a poet from the Tang-Dynasty and had firsthand experience in observing the countryside and is known for expressing indepth coverage and documentation of the rual life in simple stanzas. This peom talks about the effort put in by the farmers for every single grain.

The farmers keep toiling away despite the blazing heat from the sun at noon, giving us a sense of how hard their work is. He goes on to depict a quick realization about the contrast when he compares the toiling farmers and their hardwork and the grain of food in your bowl and connects them as a fruit of the farmer's hardwork. If they dont toil, then who knows what you would eat. So we all should be thankful he concludes.

Isn't that beautiful?

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