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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The marketing logic behind Lungi dance

Or should I make the title the lack of marketing behind Lungi dance? I think I will keep the title.

Taking the nation frenzy, cutting across all ages, genders and should I say sizes (?) and reaching close to 2 crore views on all the youtube channels and easily reaching the multi-crore mark, I had to look at it and decipher the logic or the lack of it behind the whole marketing bandwagon.

It is simply the most silly and simple celebration of the South Indian mania behind the legendary Rajani and his fans who are innumerable and spread across the world and the celebration is lead by another superstar who is also loved across the world and blatantly tells you to get up and dance. The best way to explain this would be the celebration of the perfect cultural amalgamation when a Punjabi sings composed in south Indian style in Hindi and is loved all across the country. Rohit could easily be one of the bestest planners and SRK could only one of the best marketing geniuses in the country or it could be a great gamble that paid off or a properly planned and pulled off.

It succeeded as it brings to the forefront the eccentrics of the common man's fancy dance in the comfort of his friends in the effects of his evening exuberance when he is trying to dance off his troubles.

And as a Rajani fan I am not complaining. I should also roundu gumafy the moochen and start tapping.

Enna? What do you say?

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