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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Talk to your children

What marketing or marketers are teaching your kids today?

As a marketer, I am more inclined to ads that appeal and show how my product will solve your problem and how it is better. So all my communique is a result of such actions that trigger the need in you. Would I or any other marketer think otherwise when sending out the message? I don't think so. Because it is a tough world out there and not all are as lucky to have their own sweet time unless you are too high up in the organization or in a company that believes in responsible advertising.

As a parent I am on conflict and cynical about how I can reduce the unwanted content that my child is exposed to and forced to form opinions that are difficult and dangerous. I don't want my child to grow in that atmosphere. But can you or I actually control what they see? I don't think so. Children are being exposed to malicious content more easily these days and more importantly at a much younger age than you and me. So I would find time to be with my child and explain that it is important to look past the marketing or advertising gimmick and see the actual message. Explain why it is important to verify the claims, research the ingredients, look beyond the paid blogs, articles and huge mass of unrealistic content. More importantly I would teach her to respect her body and who she is.

And I would try and make a positive contribution to the marketing arena in whatever small way I can to make sure she grows up and is proud of what ads I am involved in. Would you?

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