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Friday, January 17, 2014

Be a man and be a feminist

Life for women is not as easy as it seems and I am not talking about the immense responsibilities that they take up but the horrible things they are forced to endure int heir daily life. This is not just in the US or UK but also in every other country, in India, in your locality, in your street and may be in your building too! How often do we hear statistics and incidents and think it is not going to happen to me or anyone I know? I want to change that today.

Stand up, voice it, share it and make sure you prevent the ill from happening. More than that discuss this with your friends, family and children and teach them how important it is to stop such practices and start being a change. Make sure they have enough examples of good practices and bad ones too and urge them to respect women.

Let us dispel the misconceptions, wrong ideas, illustrations, and what not that drive children and men to grow up to be harassing, demeaning, culture-less, shameless and ignorant members of the society.

Change your words, the regular slang, small words that you don't actually mean, that just have crept in to your language and way of speaking and see if you can replace them with positive, meaningful, respectful and very clearly progressive words.

Here is another beautiful video that looks at ways to do so.

What would you do today? Will you be the man today and have the guts to stand up and be a feminist?

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