Google+ Consumer Psyche: Happy birthday yaara!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy birthday yaara!

One of the best ads I have seen this year.

Has a simple story line which you can beat to the end and has even simpler music, simple acting and good editing then how did it succeed.

By taking the simplest gestures you choose to do during any day of your life and showing the impact you could see while harping on a sensitive lost friendship and regaining loved ones, this ad by Google tells you an amazing story - simplicity is the new success mantra.

I think this is a great take away for marketeers like me. Let me try and see if we can make something I like... a list!

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it local, global and easy to follow
  • Show simple controlled emotions
  • Let people relate, give something usable, doable, real
  • Use natural elements which don't need to dominate the theme
  • Leave a clean branding image to carry on after the communique is done
  • Yes, you need to advertise!

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