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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home buyer's sentiment across the country!

Economic times reports: Home buyers across the country expect real estate prices to fall over the next six months, according to the Housing Sentiment Index (HSI). Developed by IIM Bangalore and MagicBricks, the index is based on an online survey of prospective buyers. Here are the other findings of the survey:
Sentiment based on age The older buyers are more bearish on price than the younger ones.

Location Buyers across all cities expect the prices to drop. Hyderabad buyers anticipate the steepest fall, while Bangalore is the only city with a slightly positive sentiment.

Property Preference
Except for land buyers, all others expect the prices to fall in the next six months.

Budget The buyers who are on the lookout for more expensive property or land expect the prices to fall more.
Profession The sentiment for IT sector respondents and retirees has dropped this quarter.

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