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Friday, October 11, 2013

Celebrating freedom

For years women had to adjust or live up to the fact that jeans are men's domain. Not any more. I am looking at this beautiful ad and am loving it just for the fact that the need is deciphered and conveyed to you. So even if you didn't know that it existed, you now know and you are now aware.

I love the way it is shot, in different elements, shaded, leaving a lot to imagination and mystique look. It would go to the top of my best ads list for this year.

As a marketer your job doesn't end in showing how better your product is in comparison to x, y and z brands but it is in deducing the requirement and the hidden need and highlight that to showcase how your product fits in. Isn't it the most important element of your job? Isn't it the only one?

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