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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lessons from a fish market

I am sure you have been in a noisy class before and one of your teachers/professors might have used the phrase comparing the noisy classroom to a fish market. Here is a reply for that. I found the picture online and this is a spontaneous post. I am sure you can add more to this list.

Fish market is probably where one could learn more lessons in life.

  1. Bargain - U can get a better piece for lesser price
  2. Speed: The more you wait, the lesser are you chances
  3. Catch at the other vendor is always better
  4. You end up at a price you feel is good but once you reach home you feel you have paid more
  5. You can't earn money with out the stink
  6. Your hard-work is ultimately measured by someone else's need
  7. What ever you do, you still have to clean up after the deal
  8. The txn at the fish market is just the beginning of the deal - You have to clean, cook, consume and so on to take the full utility
  9. Size doesn't matter. Or does it?
  10. A small live deal is better than a dead large one
  11. Sometimes you have to pay more to finish your txn faster/outrun competition by buying out
  12. Nature is abundant in resource
  13. Skill pays
  14. You never know what deal you are going to get
  15. Fishing is like life - uncertain. But the returns for hard work are good
  16. Ultimately you are doing all this for your survival, your family and your loved ones. And so is the vendor
  17. A little smile helps
  18. Loyalty pays: You need to lose some to win some
  19. Handling loyal customer well pays: A repeat customer is easy as he trusts you. Win your customers over with service, they might ignore the price, turn loyal
  20. Sell value/utility not products
  21. It is noisier and more down to earth than a classroom because it is real
  22. You don't need a classroom to learn
  23. Business is messy but you have to do it - dirty your shoes, ignore the smell, be one of them, beat competition, think fast, check quality, be realistic, change with market conditions, update yourself about the prices, weather and what not, be ready, spontaneous....
  24. Whatever you do, be ready to get a negative feedback from your boss - in the fish market scenario it could be your wife, partner about the texture, color, quality and almost everything - everything you might have thought about, accounted for and decided
  25. All your achievement is past and you got to catch more fish tomorrow to be in the race
  26. Regardless of anything you do - it effects about your family, your health and well-being - either positively or otherwise
  27. You can cheat your customers - Once
  28. You might never get a fair deal - Life is like that, accept it
  29. On a good day you might make a lot of money/gains - it is not permanent
  30. Save - for the rainy day
  31. Skill never retires

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