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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

19 Victim Versus Leader Distinctions

19 Victim Versus Leader Distinctions:
#1. Victims talk about people. Leaders talk about ideas.
#2. Victims procrastinate around their goals. Leaders execute on them.
#3. Victims enjoy watching things (like TV and video games). Leaders like making things.
#4. Victims are distracted. Leaders are concentrated.
#5. Victims abhor change. Leaders Adore change.
#6. Victims read what everyone reads. Leaders read what few do.
#7. Victims associate with other victims. Leaders spend most of their time with superstars (and thereby dramatically elevate their productivity and success).
#8. Victims are stuck in the past. Leaders are inspired by the future.
#9. Victims resist hard projects. Leaders seek them out (knowing it refines their chops).
#10. Victims work at mediocrity. Leaders view work as an opportunity to pursue Mastery.
#11. Victims give most of their time to leisure. Leaders spend a ton of time on their learning.
#12. Victims tear people down (because it makes them feel better). Leaders lift others up.
#13. Victims are rude. Leaders are polite.
#14. Victims practise negativity. Leaders are unreasonably positive.
#15. Victims can’t wait to retire. Leaders are afraid to retire (why retire when you’re having so much fun building something important, growing more leaders and producing value for the world?).
#16. Victims waste time. Leaders exploit time.
#17. Victims achieve things for the applause. Leaders achieve them for the fulfillment.
#18. Victims sleep late. Leaders rise early.
#19. Victims view work as a means to pay the bills. Leaders view work as a way to change the world.

My great wish is that these ideas inspire you to Lead Without a Title, lift your teammates to their next level of wow and grow a great company.

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