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Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Blues: Damn the cheerleaders

What if you are not included in the team of your aspirations?
Why should you bother?

Everyone has a dream team, a team with a lot of idealistic thoughts and perceived additives which you always want o be in. Now that is a whole lot of perception and chance you want to take to mold yourself to suit/fit into that group

Look for what is special in you. What is good for you. What is the one thing you can excel in. What is the one thing  you are good at. Now that is done. Screw the naysayers, screw the world.
where you might not even matter to anyone. Would you change yourself to match/dance to someone else's music and tunes? I don't think that is something you should be doing.

Don't give a damn and start your own training. Train hard. Train well. Train scientifically. Train unapologetic. Your goal is to win and win over yourself.

Ignore the cheerleaders, they never get to play the game. Be the player. Be the game. Form your own team.

See this image I found online.

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