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Friday, May 24, 2013

Start with Sorry

Sometimes a simple sorry can solve problems. Sometimes it might not. I for one do not believe in saying sorry for things that I know I am right. Sometimes you have people who love to use the 'I-am-the-customer' tag too often to show that they are in control and can say what they want. I am sorry. I disagree.

So here is how you get out of situations like that. Stick to what you have done correctly and what you have done wrong. If there is a mistake, don't hold back - apologize. If you are not, then stay put.

To avoid confrontations, try and document every possible interaction and make of note of things you might forget. If you are a leader, ensure your team is on time, always. You wouldn't want to reprimand someone for your letting things go easy. If you are a team member, do it to stay accounted for anything you are asked for. After all this is what you would need to teach your team.

Like I said, if you are right, stay put. The fight is worth it.

Pic is from Emily's blog.

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