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Friday, May 10, 2013

Light up!


Am suddenly drawn to them. Like bug to the fire. Like bees to honey. Like Tiger to chicken. Wherever I go, I am amused with the different types of lights. Or should I say glass?
Amazing forms, sizes, shapes and prices :)

Strange that they can't move, change, correct. Just stay and let the dust get collected. Interestingly enough, they let the light' brighten them inside out. No dust, darkness, shade or dullness lets their hope come down or stay gloomy.

Can you be a light? Can you make someone's day shine up? Or would you contribute to the gloom?

You choose.

Guess what. In the process of lighting up for others, they glow and shine themselves too!

All pics displayed here can be downloaded and used for free. Just give a link here. You can find more pics here: t3i photography.

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