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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Is wife a gorilla?

Is wife a gorilla? No I am not hinting about the weight but is she angry, irritating and aggressive like a 1000 pound gorilla? I doubt so. But isn't some exaggerating good enough to ignore and smile about? After all everyone seems to love a wife joke once in a while.

Century ply came up with this ad campaign to commemorate the and to my surprise I found several people found it funny and not at all offensive and that it crossed a million views on youtube!

Though few of the reviews online talk about the durability, strength and finesse, the most it makes is focusing on the anger. I think it is fair enough to suggest that the ad made me remember the brand and hence won its share of my mindspace.

Ok here are the takeaways from this TVC:
  1. You can be funny without hurting
  2. Reality(or the lack of it) is accepted
  3. Sometimes a twist is not needed
  4. Subtle mentioning of the brand is good
  5. Wife is not a gorilla! You are, if you forget your anniversary :)
Good job Century ply.

Rating: 2/5

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